Flamingoes are known not only for their lovely colour but also for their ability to patiently wait for food, standing on one leg. While they stand on one leg, they tuck the other one beneath their feathers, to conserve body heat.

In the Indian myth and ethos, ascetics (munis) have been known to stand long on one leg, in prayer, to appease the powers that be and seek a boon.

Like the flamingoes and the Indian ascetics, PH patients worldwide wait in silent prayer, conserving themselves as much as possible with the medication available, and hoping that a day will dawn when a cure comes about.

In recent times, the colour purple or blue has come to signify PH, as nails, lips, tongue or skin in patients may turn so due to lack of oxygen.

Hence, the flamingo in purple.

A well-fed and a healthy flamingo is usually pink or bright red in colour. Our slogan “Hope to turn pink” signifies the deep desire within every PH patient.

To turn healthy. To live.